Care and Use

This page will help with the care and use of our stencils.

First and foremost - we welcome you to join us on our Facebook page - Dear Lily Designs Lily Buds to be a part of our interactive community! In this group we cover the different ways to use some of our stencils and users can interact with us. Or you can visit (and follow) our Instagram page @dearlilydesigns for more stencil use ideas.

These stencils are plastic. Plastic does have a deformation point. If bent, once this point has been reached, it will have a crease or visible line on it. The stencil should still be usable even once this point has been reached. The stencils were designed to be durable, but not indestructible.

These translucent stencils have been created to provide a tool to help with planning, bullet journaling, or any other use you see fit. This convenient size is made for carrying in the pocket of a planner so you can plan on the go! A hole has also been inserted in the upper left corner so you can attach the stencil to a ring to easily keep all your tools together! 

To make working against a coil or area that may cause too much bend in the stencil, try elevating that portion of the book or planner. On many occasions, when working with the stencils, I will grab a small journal and elevate the section of planner I am working on to get a better angle for the stencil to work with. 

Sometimes using a stencil in a "tight spot" can be remedied by flipping the stencil over and using the backside. Most of our stencils are designed to be used on the "front" or the "back" side. Simply using the reverse side of the stencil can often help with working along the coil or a journal seam.

In the event that your stencil may need cleaned, a quick cleaning with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol should do the trick.

Continuous improvement runs in our blood. If you've got a comment, constructive criticism, or way you think we could improve, please feel free to message us. We love to see the way people use our stencils too, so please feel free to tag us on Instagram or message us with pictures showing how you incorporate our stencils into your art, planning, or journaling!