About Dear Lily Designs

Hello and Welcome!

Dear Lily Designs specializes in credit card size stencils and other planner accessories. 

Our story

Kayla has been a planner for as long as she can remember. In grade school, every year students were given a simple weekly planner and it was the highlight of her school year! She loved putting those assignments and test dates in her planner. As she grew, her love of planning never faded and one day she stumbled upon the Erin Condren Life Planner. In late 2015, Kayla & Zac Pickett were brainstorming ways to make a reuseable item to help Kayla with her planning since stickers and washi were adding bulk to her Erin Condren Life Planner. It was that planner that set into motion the company, Dear Lily Designs, you see today.

In the midst of brainstorming, Zac mentioned that he thought a simple stencil could aid her in her dilemma and the idea of something portable and travel friendly was born. They spent months researching the best materials and finalizing the first of their designs. Kayla knew the importance of making the designs useful and functional, yet still giving a playful air to them. The original 10 stencils and the Rainbow set made their debut on Etsy in June 2016. They never could have dreamed of the response they would receive from their original List It stencil and Rainbow set. Those items launched the business in the planning community. Their original shop stencils were geared to fit the Erin Condren planners - the List It and subsequent stencils were all designed for use with that system - however they soon found that these and their other items fit well with other planners too.

In Late 2016 Kayla took a course designed to introduce the user to the Bullet Journal system and it opened her eyes to the stencils and tools designed for use with 5mm spacing notebooks. Our evolution of items follows Kayla's passion and ever wandering desire to try new planners, some call it the search for planner peace, while she just enjoys the challenge of the ever-changing landscape.

Together, Zac & Kayla work to create these stencils. They manufacture them in their home in Northern Colorado. Their passions live through these stencils and they love seeing what people create with them! When not working, they love spending time with their daughter, the "Lily" of Dear Lily Designs. As a family they enjoy hiking, biking, reading, and exploring the outdoors. Feel free to shoot them a message and start a conversation as they are always interested in their customers and would love to know more about you!