617 Lines Tool
617 Lines Tool

617 Lines Tool

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A highly requested item for years - this 617 Lines Tool will give the user 7mm spaced lines for the length of the day in an EC vertical 7" x 9" planner.

Important things to note about this particular item- due to the construction of the stencil/template, this item does not easily fit against the coil to use on the Wednesday/Thursday days. If you elevate your planner (but not the coil), it makes it easier to draw the Wed/Thurs lines, however we felt it was important to give this disclaimer as it requires the user to modify when drawing these days. 

Also, please keep in mind, as with all our thin line segments - not all pens will work with this tool. Please be mindful of this while purchasing as you will need to experiment to ensure that the pen works with our tool.

The exterior dimensions of each item in this set are: 2.28"" by 7.32"

Don't like 7mm spacing? Let us know by using the "contact us" feature on the shop to request a new spacing. Not an EC user? Let us know and we will see if we can accommodate other planners with other spacing!

*PLEASE NOTE: These stencils are clear with a color band at the top. You will receive ONE of the following random stencil top colors: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, or pink.

There may be variations in the color of the translucent plastic stencil due to the nature of the materials used. The coloring may also vary based on the viewing platform. Accessories in photo are not included and you are purchasing the stencil alone.

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