Rainbow Ramblings

Etsy Shop versus Shopify Shop

In late June 2019, we made the decision to stop selling our products on Etsy’s platform. We’ve had a good long run with Etsy, however it was time to make the break and see if we can make things work with just our standalone shop. We appreciate all of our customers and thank you all for being a part of our story! At this time, we do not plan to return to Etsy - so if you’d like to purchase from us - please visit only www.dearlilydesigns.com

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GO Wild - my why

It seems like an odd place to start. I'm a stencil business owner and I decide to attend my first planner conference. This conference is touted by many as a "sticker maker's conference" so why would I go? It's the mentality - go big or go home. I found GO Wild to be the mecca of planner conferences. The cost of attending is outrageous - seriously it cost over $500 to buy a ticket to attend. Once you get over the "what have I done" thoughts and realize you just blew a significant portion of your savings to attend a...

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Rainbow Ramblings & What You Can Expect

This is a place where I can share ideas, my thoughts and feelings, perhaps someday I'll get around to sharing my spreads and how I create them. But until then, I don't have any goals of expectations for this blog. It's just a place for me to babble - so if you're choosing to read this - COOL! and Welcome! :) -K

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